Nigel Edgecombe Portraits

I was fascinated by photographic memories as a child. My Mum kept stacks of photo albums around the house, and I remember how she used to sit with her arm around me whilst telling me wonderful stories about the friends and family members whose images could be found with every turn of the page.

I took my first photo at age 7, and I can recall the event just like it was yesterday. I couldn’t believe that my Dad was trusting me to take a portrait of my Mum with this huge camera that he had just bought (at least it looked huge to a 7 year old). I was scared in case I dropped the thing, but I held it steady, and clicked the shutter. My first picture. I was enthralled, but the real joy came a week later when my parents had the film developed and I saw the result. That was the beginning.

A lot has happened since. I graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Film, Television & Media. I joined the BBC, trained as a stylist, and worked in wardrobe for a number of daytime television shows. I eventually moved out of television and took the strong aesthetic I had cultivated into magazine work, styling and co-ordinating fashion shoots for many of the leading mens style publications in the UK. I found myself more and more involved behind the lens, and whilst the professionals were hard at work concentrating on the models, I took my own camera and shot images of what was going on behind-the-scenes. There was a certain honesty in the photographs that could not be denied. I fell in love with these stolen moments. The candid, reportage-style instances were more intimate, more real, and a stark contrast to the manufactured images that I was styling for the magazines.

It wasn’t long before I focused my attention on photography & photojournalism completely, and i’ve been happily doing so ever since. Weddings are my subject; my pursuit; my passion. I see weddings and the world through my lens, and it’s beautiful.

I am an active member of Fearless Photographers, a professional organization celebrating excellence and boldness in Wedding Photography.