Barbican Estate Engagement : Chloe & Stan

When Chloe & Stan told me they quite fancied a traipse through the Brutalist architecture of the Barbican Estate to shoot their engagement photos, I was like “Damn Right!“. This is a warm, fun, creative couple who work in the music industry and have strong ideas about who they are. I was going to enjoy this shoot.

We met at Barbican’s Cinema Cafe on a wet Tuesday evening. We had a coffee, chatted and laughed about the details of their upcoming wedding, before taking a stroll through the grey, flowery high-rise concrete blocks. Concrete. SO much concrete… The look of the estate polarises opinion as to it’s design, but I love it, and on this wet evening it looked like a hopeful wasteland, with these two bringing their smiles & cheering it up.



Gorgeous images!

Question for you 🙂 I’m hoping to take some photos of a yoga teacher friend at the Barbican Estate. No crew, just the two of us. Did you have to obtain permissions of any kind for your shoot? I’m having trouble figuring it out from City of London websites. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this!

Thanks 🙂

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