Life’s moments are always getting away from us. They appear and then disappear in an instant, and once passed the moment has gone forever. Only our memories remain.

When it comes to the truly decisive moments, such as your wedding day, documenting the ephemeral becomes so important in preserving those memories. These documents serve as a reminder that can be looked upon time and again after the wonderful day has long passed.

I am a wedding photographer, but what I really do goes beyond photography. I am a collector of precious memories; a keeper of life’s moments. To me, an old photograph is like a beautiful piece of antique jewellery, passed down through the generations so that its story can be told to the sons and daughters of the future. When I photograph a moment in time, I don’t just see it in the present; I also see it in 100 years time, in the hands of those who come after us but yearn to know the history of where they came from. These are not the throwaway images that we see on the Internet, in magazines, and the television. The images that I take have emotional content, evoking feelings and nostalgia from those who gaze upon them. My photographs are precious artifacts, and the albums in which they tell their stories are heirlooms to be cherished.

Photographs by Nigel Edgecombe are timeless. I strive to capture the beauty and simplicity of the moment in a truthful way, and in doing so my photographs stand the test of time. Natural images that honour the precious memories from your wedding day and that become more valuable with age.

My photography is bespoke and completely tailored to your special day. Collections start at £1,000 / €1,200 which includes my signature photographic coverage of your precious moments, beautiful digital distribution, including a private, secure on-line gallery to show to your family, friends, and the future.

Please contact me for a detailed price sheet.

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