Wedding Photographer In Ibiza Wears Velour Dressing Gown, Takes Deep Breath & Sips Coffee On The Beach

I’ve been on Ibiza just over two weeks and my days have been filled with paperwork, research, DIY, and plenty of preparation for my gal arriving on the island. Sharn was kind enough to take on the hassle of packing up our life in London whilst I unpacked in Ibiza.

Anyone who’s ever spent a good amount of time in Spain knows the administrative process is quite slow here, it seems to be part of the culture. I’ve found that taking several deep breaths during the day is good practice when dealing with the various government departments and issues that arise with moving to Spain. Before I arrived on the island, I promised myself that deep breath at the start of each day by proudly sporting my velour dressing gown (ooooh it’s so soft) and sipping a cup of coffee on the rocky beach in front of our house. It just so happens this morning it decided to rain, but I’m a come-rain-or-shine type of guy, so I just kept sipping my coffee, and this is the resulting photo.

Suffice to say there’s been little time for much else, especially the business of wedding photography. All of that to come…

Deep breath.

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