About Me

Come a little closer...


A few things you might like to know about me:

- I live on Ibiza with my favorite gal in the world, Sharna, and our currently-teething French bulldog puppy, Wilma.

- I moved here from London and made the journey on my vintage motorcycle, wearing a cape for the entire 1,292-mile journey. I love a good cape.

- One of my first dates with Sharna was a trip to IKEA. We did it just so we could eat the hotdogs at the end.

- I wear flip flops all year round. I sported them during London winters & I've been known to wear them to formal events. My feet won't be told what to do.

- I laugh loudly and I laugh a lot. It's infectious to everyone around me. You'll see!

- I founded my new wedding videography company Tiny Films because so many of my clients ask me for short, exciting wedding films they can watch time and again, share with friends & family and post on social media.

- I prefer hugs to handshakes.

- I pinch myself that I live on this beautiful island. Documenting love & life here is a true calling - one I never tire of.

- I'm proudly listed on the Photographers directory.