5 Reasons You Should Hold Your Wedding In Ibiza

If you’re thinking of having your Wedding in Ibiza, you probably don’t need convincing that you’ve already made the right choice. Nonetheless, here are 5 reasons to have your wedding in Ibiza. If you know these already, just send them to your parents in case they need convincing.

1. It’s the most beautiful & unique place in the world

Ibiza is breathtaking to look at, there’s no doubt about it. Some of Ibiza’s beaches have been voted the best in the world, but that’s just the beginning. From it’s pine-filled peaks to it’s breathtaking blue waters. The ancient olive trees with trunks like lovers intertwined. The gleam of the boats in the marina. Drive from the sleepy villages of the North and into the buzz of Ibiza Town at night. The creative hippies mingling with the rainbow of characters in the Calle De La Virgen. Beauty takes many forms in Ibiza, it’s a melting-pot in every way.

2. Ibiza is a foodie’s dream

Ibiza is on the global map as a culinary destination, and it’s not hard to see why. Talented chefs flock to the island, cajoling kitchens from modest beach bars to state of the art restaurants. Only the best get to work here. There is a strong focus on the best local produce, the standards are high and attention to detail is paramount. Almost everywhere you go in Ibiza–especially in local restaurants–you are going to receive amazing food. That goes for your wedding too. TIP: Add authentic Ibiza dishes to your wedding menu, such as the Bullit de Peix, a local fish delicacy, or the wonderful dessert, Flao.

3. Your photos will be incredible

Magazines the world over come to Ibiza to stage their photo shoots. Why? They find the best locations here. Golden sand stretching into azure waters; sleepy towns; fragrant pine forests; rustic fincas draped in bougainvillea. And how about the magical Es Vedra? Just imagine these backdrops for your wedding photographs.

Ibiza has some great wedding photographers who will capture the wonder & emotion of your wedding day. I’m proud to be in the company of super photographers like Ana Lui, Gypsy Westwood & Adela Baraja. We are all dedicated to giving you wedding photographs you will cherish forever.

The light on Ibiza is magical. Ask any of the renowned island photographers and they’ll tell you. It’s flattering to skin tones, brides look radiant and, well, so do the grooms! You’ll both be looking your absolute best on the most amazing day of your lives. Beautiful blue skies and lovely golden light. Not a grey cloud in those photos!

And besides, where else can you go barefoot in the sand, splash in the sea and look as cool? Only in Ibiza.

4. You’re already on your honeymoon

No need to pay thousands more & jet off to an exotic destination. If you’re having your wedding in Ibiza, you’re already in paradise. The best hotels, beaches, restaurants & nightlife in the world is right on your doorstep. And of course, nowhere does sexy quite like Ibiza. Perfect for your honeymoon.

5. Take your pick of the best wedding venues

Why restrict yourselves at home to traditional venues such as hotels, spas & the local village hall? Ibiza has a wealth of choice for every budget: private villas; beach bars; restaurants with a view; agroturismo hotels. You can even get hitched on a boat, or the edge of a beautiful clifftop. The world is your oyster.

6. Get excited about the weather

300 days of sunshine a year. Average summer temperatures around 25 degrees. Hardly any rain. That’s all you need to know. You’re in store for a beautiful wedding day with blue skies abound. In Ibiza you can have that gorgeous outdoor ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. You can dance under the stars. TIP: May / June and September / October are great months for a wedding in Ibiza. It’s warm & balmy, but not too hot.

7. The best sunsets you’ll ever see

You can watch the sun set anywhere in the world, but there’s nothing like an Ibiza sunset. Imagine saying your I do’s at dusk, whilst the sky turns a beautiful orange-pink-purple-blue haze. Or having your service in the afternoon, so you can toast the sundown with your guests & a bottle of hierbas. No matter how you choose to celebrate, you’re going to experience an Ibiza sunset at your wedding. TIP: Choose a venue with a seaview on the west of the island and watch the sun set on the ocean. Just perfect.

Okay, that’s 7 reasons, but there are many, many more. If you’re having your wedding in Ibiza, or if you’ve already had your dream wedding on the island, let me know your top reasons why in the comments below.

N x.

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