Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding: Michelle & Jon

Michelle & Jonathan’s stylish wedding at Aiyanna Ibiza featured a handful of touches that made me jump for joy. Personalized scents by Le Labo; a gorgeous Rime Arodaky dress; hot wheels by Ibiza Mustang Adventures; Tomas on Sax. Oh, and a bunch of family & friends too good for a designer label.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Michelle & Jonathan under Aiyanna’s famous Guatemalan parasols.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Truly one of the sharpest grooms I’ve worked with, Jonathan was understated & stylish.

Jonathan works for Reiss in London. He chose one of their classic navy blue suits for his wedding day.

The groom created his & her scents by Le Labo. Good man!

Michelle got ready at the sophisticated ME Ibiza

Michelle chose Aiyanna Ibiza for her Wedding before it was even constructed. “It was a building site when we first visited, but even then we knew it was the one,” she told me. 

This delicate dress by Rime Arodaky was a perfect choice for an Ibiza wedding, set against the bright colours of Aiyanna. 

The other Le Labo scent.

Ready & waiting for Dad to pick her up.

The dress suited Michelle’s personality just as much as her figure. Softly spoken, delicate & open.

Did someone ask for a view? Michelle takes a few deep breaths on the balcony of her suite at ME Ibiza. 

The wind caught Michelle’s hair just as Dad entered the room. One of my favourite moments from the day.

Jonathan looks CORRECT, outside San Carlos church.

Michelle with Dad, sharing a moment outside the church.

She looked perfect, under those arches.

The simple gypsophila bouquet melted into Michelle’s dress.

Just married. That first look outside the church.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Her eyes sparkled. I smile every time I see these two.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding. That view, whew.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

That view is as much decoration as any wedding needs.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Simple table settings.

They arrived in a pony from Ibiza Mustang Adventures.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Jonathan has a James Bond moment as he steps into Aiyanna.

Michelle – Married – Margarita.

That Mustang was made for these two.

Happy moments.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

I bear no shame in saying that I lay on the floor to get this photo. I couldn’t resist.

Portraits on Cala Nova beach. This is the only beach on Ibiza with the conditions for surfing, but the water was calm on Michelle & Jonathan’s day.

Beachy blues & greens.

This could have easily been taken 50 years ago. This couple is timeless.

The very last portrait, just after the sun had set. Maintaining this level of gorgeous throughout a warm Ibiza wedding day is no picnic, but these two did it with style.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Aiyanna’s outdoor dining area really glows at night.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Jonathan gave a heartfelt speech…

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

…and his words about Michelle were inspiring.

When you see Tomas break out his Sax, you know it’s party time.

First dance under the parasols (and stars.)

Oh, you two.

Tom Grimes took the party inside.

Michelle & Jonathan wanted classic R&B & House, all night long.

The moment M+J took to the decks & Tom became photographer.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

Those expressions! This photo sums up M+J’s Ibiza Aiyanna wedding. Full of life.

Michelle + Jonathan’s guests were like this all night long. 

And then this happened…

…but they were up again a few minutes later when Tomas came out for his second set.

Are we beginning to see a theme here? Jonathan loved Tom’s set THIS much.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding Tom Grimes

This is what happens at Aiyanna Ibiza when Tom Grimes plays your wedding.

Aiyanna Ibiza Wedding

And then the inevitable happened. Even in Ibiza, I don’t often see brides get down like THIS. To hell with dress! Bravo Michelle.

Of course, the party continued all night long.


Wedding venue: Aiyanna Ibiza

Church ceremony: Wedding Ceremonies Ibiza

Wedding Planner: Natalia Mayoral

Photography: Nigel Edgecombe Photographs

Videography: Tanit Wedding Films

Saxophone: Tomas on Sax

DJ: Tom Grimes