Creative Couples Photography in London

Couples Portraits London by Nigel EdgecombeLast week I visited the Wellcome Collection to experience Ann Veronica Janssens installation yellowbluepink. The dense, coloured mist that fills the gallery space at once disorients and focuses the attention, and navigating through the area is an exercise in the freedom of restraint.

Wandering through the pink mist I happened upon this couple. I loved their fuzzy intimacy, so I pulled out my phone and shot this picture. It felt a little strange taking the photo of a couple who hadn’t commissioned me to do so, but the image spoke to me and I immediately connected with their shape, demeanour and the very moment that this couple were locked in. It was an unexpected and beautiful thing to stumble upon; exactly why I love making photos in London so much — it makes me look at the city with eyes afresh.


If you’re a creative couple living and/or loving in London, find out more about commissioning me to make your photographs by clicking the Contact link at the top of this page.