Eloping or holding an intimate Ibiza Wedding?

Calling adventurous couples eloping to Ibiza or holding an intimate Ibiza wedding this year! If you haven’t booked your photographer, please Get In Touch as I have some special offerings in store for you.

I’m in my element when shooting intimate weddings and elopements. I connect with couples who follow their desires and go their own direction. I hold a special joy for the twosomes determined to get married on this beautiful island. To have their dream, an Ibiza wedding. No matter what.

Elopements and intimate weddings are becoming more popular. I photograph several unions every year where the couple get hitched in a more discreet manner. Perhaps the couple will just invite their parents. Maybe there will be less than 10 people present (including the couple!). Lots of couples also choose to elope with no guests, just the two of them. Check out this Las Vegas Wedding where I was the photographer and sole guest.

Practical reasons aside, running off to tie the knot is romantic, adventurous and inspirational. This will show in your photographs. The absence of a strict schedule means the flexibility to photograph more creatively. To take in several beautiful locations. To connect more with the environment (especially if you are getting married on Ibiza).

Ibiza is an island that lives in the imagination of the world. Making the decision to hold your wedding here is to open the book at the beginning of a wonderful story. Whatever your style of Ibiza wedding, I have a vision for your wedding photographs. Luxurious, timeless, picture-perfect memories that will be the envy of your friends.

Come with me, let us walk down the caminos and steal a moment near the ancient olive trees. Feel the magnetism of Es Vedra. Bathe in the beautiful light of the island. I will be the caretaker of your most cherished memories.

Get In Touch with me to find out what I have in store for your wonderful wedding.


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