End-of-Summer Pre-Wedding Photos on the Old Railway

The alarm beeped at 4:30am and I threw off the covers. Shower—>dress—>porridge—>coffee-in-a-go-cup. I hopped in the car, took off down the road and my engine was surely the only noise to be heard, as there wasn’t a soul on the streets except for me. I was off on a journey of discovery…I was going LOCATION SCOUTING.

I love looking around my home city for locations that provide interesting backdrops to photo sessions. It never allows me to take my city for granted and forces me to explore and look upon everything with fresh eyes. On this morning, I wasn’t sure what i’d find, but when I passed over an old railway bridge and saw the tracks below, something told me I should take a closer look.

A few weeks later I returned with Sian & Michael on a Sunday evening. We had a great time shooting some photos on the rusty tracks and in an old shack nearby. I see the photographs and it makes all those early starts and scouting worthwhile. It makes me realise how truly blessed we are to see.