Going Home


I’ve had a love affair with Ibiza since I first set foot on the island 20 years ago. I stepped off the plane at dusk and took a beaten-up taxi into town. Windows down, I craned my neck out and looked up at the hazy lights of Dalt Vila whilst the sweet salty air rushed past my cheeks. Everything felt right. I knew I was home.

I’d never felt that way before. So I returned to the island again and again, and my love for it’s spirit, beauty and cosmopolitan peculiarity continued to grow. I vowed that I would one day drop anchor and truly make Ibiza my haven.

Now the time is right.

I’m spreading my wings and opening a new Ibiza studio. I want to photograph weddings and couples who connect with the island as much as I do, and choose to celebrate their union amidst the fragrant pines and orange blossom. I’m keeping my London space and will continue to photograph clients in the UK–I have 12 weddings in England this year at present–so I’ll be shuttling back & forth between island and city life, but Ibiza will be my home. I’m incredibly proud to say that. I may just explode.

I’m not expecting it to be easy to re-establish myself. Ibiza is a small enclave with a tight-knit community and it’s own distinct customs. It’s a widely held belief that the island firmly embraces or rejects those who try to stay, so with a big smile, head-bowed and much respect, I follow my dream.

This coming Tuesday I will hop on my beloved XJ750, ride to Portsmouth and catch the boat to Northern Spain and onto Ibiza. I’ll be sharing my journey on this blog and social media (see links below). I’d love it if you joined me on my quest to get Home.