My Gal And Her New Island Car


Spearmint-FIAT-500-Ibiza-Beach Spearmint-FIAT-500-Ibiza-Beach Spearmint-FIAT-500-Ibiza-Beach

Last week Sharn & I flew to the mainland in search of her perfect island car. Ideally we would have found a great motor on the island, but attempting to buy something half-decent and already based in Ibiza proved incredibly difficult – it is a small island after all. We spent a month viewing a string of overpriced bangers, each with so many dents that the owners didn’t even bother disclosing them in the adverts. Apparently it’s par for the course on the White Isle – high-mileage, rusted & busted from the less-than-forgiving island conditions and the relaxed attitude to regular servicing.

We spent a week on the mainland searching intensely for “The One”. With so much more choice, we clocked up hundreds of miles, kicked lots of tyres, and posted a record number of In-Car-Arguments-Over-a-24-Hour-Period. It felt like one of those agony-inducing tough obstacle runs that everyone on facebook keeps signing up for…except much harder & dirtier.

Needless to say, I was glad when Sharn found what she was looking for. Whew. It was worth the trouble just to see her face light-up when she took it out for a spin. I can’t think of a car that suits her more.

We brought the car back to Ibiza on the Ferry a few days ago, and Sharn has assiduously avoided any dents thus far. Her technique is to park it in an open space several hundred meters away from any given destination. Or leave it on our drive and walk.

I’ll keep you posted on all scratches, dings and dents as they appear.

Have a great weekend!