Life Is Sweeter With Her

Ibiza Bougainvillea Fashion

Morning coffee in my velour dressing-gown on the beach has suddenly gotten a lot better because My Gal Has Arrived. Meet Sharn, my morning, noon and night.

From the first day we met, Sharn knew just how much I wanted to live my life in Ibiza. We made the decision to move here together, but Sharn was the driving force behind our leap. She pushes me to believe in myself more every day, and her resilience teaches me that anything is possible. She is kind, thoughtful and puts up with my constant dancing and singing of songs that i made up just two minutes ago. Of course, I have to deal with her watching the extended edition Lord Of The Rings box set EVERY NIGHT without fail, so I think my Living Room Rock-Star antics are a fair trade off.

Joking aside, she inspires me to be a better person.

A friend once told me that climbing to the top of a mountain wouldn’t be as rewarding if there was no one to share the view with. That’s exactly how I feel about being in Ibiza. Everything feels that much better with my gal at my side.