The Perfect Way To Occupy Kids At A Wedding — Pottery Workshops!


My bearded buddy Andy took the leap from full-time job to starting his own ceramics business a couple of years back. Through his love, creativity and hard work it’s gone from strength to strength. He infuses ceramics with glass to create beautiful pieces inspired by his visits to Iceland—that’s the country, not the frozen foods store, although coincidently Andy & I had thoroughly unglamorous part-time jobs at our local Iceland when we were growing up. More on that some other time…like never.


In addition to his own work, Andy also teaches beginner workshops, stages therapeutic clay sessions and he has now added a new string to his bow that I’m really quite excited about: Wedding Workshops for Children. Couples planning to allow the joyous mayhem of chocolate-pudding-faced sprogs at their wedding can call in Andy to provide an in-venue workshop as a unique and fun way of keeping the kids entertained while mum & dad get a break, a bite to eat and some much needed time on the dancefloor. In his own words:

I bring along the clay, table covers, tools and most importantly aprons to cover all those little Morning Suits & Bridesmaid Dresses!

Your guests will love you for it. Check out the dedicated page on his site for more information here:

Drop Andy a line if you’re planning a thoughtful wedding incorporating children. He’d love to hear from you.


PS: I took these two portraits of Andy not long after he first started his business. His beard has since grown lockstep with his business! Check out his facebook for some up-to-date flavour: