The wedding of a wedding dress designer – a beginning of the story



When my friend and wedding fashion designer Lucie asked me to shoot her wedding, I lept at the chance. Aside the opportunity to shoot the union of two great people, I knew that Lucie would put every bit of her creative mojo into shaping an elegant day with plenty of beautiful touches I could point my lens at. This gal is the greatest lover of prohibition-era fashion that I know, so I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when she told me her day was taking a great deal of inspiration from 1920’s America.

As a visual storyteller, I’m always wrestling with myself over the question of where a wedding story should start to be told through my photography. There are lots of beginnings, but more often than not, it commences on the wedding day with the bridal preparations. With Lucie, I hoped there would be an opportunity to do something different.

I knew that Lucie would be designing and creating her own wedding dress at her precious little boutique, and I thought this would be a wonderful place to start her wedding story. Hand on needle, making the very dress she always imagined she would get married in. That’s what these photographs represent. This was the beginning.

Find Lucie’s website here: Lucie Green Couture Bridal BoutiqueMore of her wedding story to come.  DSC_0719DSC_0617 DSC_0684