Ibiza Beach Elopement: Leena & Umesh

“Let’s do something just for us. Let’s elope to our favourite beach in Ibiza.”

“Seriously?” said Umesh.

“Yes.” replied Leena.


Leena & Umesh had a big Indian wedding in the UK, with lots of friends & family in attendance. It was colourful, amazing & everything their families wanted.

But they also wanted something just for themselves.

Their deep, personal connection with Ibiza sparked the idea of eloping on a beautiful beach.

And that’s how I got to meet this bashful, beautiful couple.

August produces some of the hottest temperatures in Ibiza. But not on this day. This day on Cala Comte was considerably cooler, with grey-blue skies & whipping winds. Not at all what Leena & Umesh were expecting, but conditions on the island are always what they should be & always perfect.

L & U’s Ibiza beach elopement was just what they needed & a complete contrast to their big fat Indian wedding. We had a ball on the beach that day.

Cala Comte was windy & wild on this day…

but those wonderful colours only reveal themselves on days like this.

Leena & Umesh wanted a day for themselves – something only they could touch.

So they eloped to Cala Conta.

Leena walks down the stony steps to the ceremony.

Ibiza celebrant Sonia Dilkes held a simple ceremony, right next to the ocean.

Leena & Umesh exchanged vows to the sound of the sea.

They whispered their vows to each other.

Umesh tried to hold on to his emotions, but I love to see them peeking through.

Leena read her guy a poem.

He couldn’t help but smile.

Time for Umesh to read his vows.

I could feel their connection through the lens.

Sonia prepared a traditional Ibiza sand ceremony – perfect for a beach elopement.

Oh that look.

Leena’s colourful bouquet really popped against the blues & greys on this day.

First married kiss. 

Ibiza beach elopement.

Leena & Umesh met via an online dating website. 

“We go to Ibiza every year and the magical island holds a lot of special memories.”

“It made complete sense that this should be the place where we seal our fate as husband and wife and start our new journey together.”

“We only told our immediate families and very close friends what we were planning to do.”

“Though everyone wanted to come with us, they understood why we wanted to keep it private.”

There’s only one way to walk on the beach, right? Barefoot.

My favourite photo of the day. That crashing wave picked the perfect moment to join us.

Leena wore a lightweight gown from the Wed2B collection. Umesh bought his grey suit from ASOS.

This wonderful Ibiza elopement on the beach was recently featured in Stylist Magazine Online. Read more about why L & U shunned a big wedding and stayed true to themselves: Stylist Magazine.

Photographer: Nigel Edgecombe Photographs

Beach Cala Comte (Cala Conta)

Would you consider eloping on a beach in Ibiza? Being true to yourselves & walking your own path? Drop me a line & let’s see if we can make it happen.