Ibiza Beach Elopement : Leena & Umesh

Ibiza Beach Elopement

Leena & Umesh have a big Indian wedding planned in the UK next year, with lots of friends & family due to attend. But they also wanted to do something just for themselves. Their longstanding connection with Ibiza sparked an idea.

“Let’s elope to the White Isle” they said.

“Yes.” “Yes.”

And that’s how I got to meet this bashful, beautiful couple.

August produces some of the hottest temperatures in Ibiza. But not on this day. This day on Cala Comte was considerably cooler, with greyblue skies and whipping winds. Not at all what Leena & Umesh were expecting, but conditions on the island are always what they should be, and always perfect.

Leena & Umesh’ elopement was recently featured in Stylist Magazine Online. Read more about why they shunned a big wedding and stayed true to themselves: Stylist Magazine HERE.


Ibiza Beach Elopement
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