IU MAG Sex Edition Launch Party

IU MAG invited me to shoot the exclusive launch party of their 10th issue, “The Sex Edition”.

Held at the amazing rooftop bar of the Hard Rock Hotel, with the most breathtaking 360 degree views. I could see half the island as I spun around from Salinas to Ibiza Town and off to Formentera.

As guests arrived, the hot rooftop gave way to a breezy orange sunset. The colourful cocktails had a hard time matching it for prettiness. Lighting up the guests faces with a gorgeous glow. The way everyone looks beautiful in that perfect light.

It was a low-key evening with plenty of laughing, eating and ever-so-slightly inappropriate behaviour. Dancing fueled by Hierbas, Mezcal, Oysters and Chocolate, amongst many other sensual, edible delights.

I’ve never aspired to be a nightclub photographer, but there’s something about a party. It entices me. The interactions are more visible and there’s more to play with in the lens. The strange juxtapositions. The ambiguous moments. The broader age-range of the guests. I love it. This was my first time shooting a party on Ibiza and it was a great alternative to a wedding. I had so much fun. IU MAG’s party delivered in spades. Here’s to the next one.

Some of my favourite photographs from the evening.


IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-50 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-31 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-30 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-26 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-23 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-39 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-38 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-41 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-52 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-53 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-48 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-57 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-66 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-75 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-65 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-79 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-87 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-93 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-97 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-106 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-141 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-117 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-113 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-151 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-155 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-152 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-157 IUMAG_Sex_Edition_Launch_Party-156

Featured vendors:

Amelie Oysters, beautiful outside and in. La Mezcaleria and their wonderful smoky Mezcal cocktails. Mari Mayans peerless Hierbas. VOX smoothest ever vodka. VOV artisan ice cream made right in front of your eyes. La Vie En Rose’ delectable crêpes – the queue to have a nibble was a sight to see. Photo Booth Ibiza, for all the shenanigans that happen behind their red curtain. Sauvelle Vodka and their crafted bottle I couldn’t take my eyes off. Shah Reserve caviar, just heaven. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and their top floor, wow.