Maid of Honour Duties for an Ibiza Wedding

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I captured this photograph at a elegant summer wedding last year. Every time I look at it, I think of the fabulous connection between the bride and her Maid of Honour. For me, this picture signifies everything a MoH should be to a bride – fun, supportive and helping her friend to have the time of her life on the most special of days.

There are plenty of great articles out there listing the most important Maid of Honour duties, but what if you’re the Maid of Honour at a Wedding in Ibiza? Your duties will be slightly different. Here are my insider tips for how to OWN IT if you’re MoH at an Ibiza Wedding.


Make a little pack that contains essentials to deal with the Ibiza conditions. A Mini Battery Fan to keep the Bride cool. Tissues for those inevitable tears, but also to pat a nervous bride’s brow. Make-up, as touch-ups are needed more frequently in the heat. Cute little bottles of water to keep the bride hydrated. Sunscreen of course. And Bug Spray in case the mosquitoes come out at night. Putting a thoughtful kit together will ease your pressures, make you look super-organised, and the bride will love you for it. TIP: Add flip-flops to give the bride’s feet a breather at the reception – you are in Ibiza after all!


No matter your level of Ibiza knowledge, there’s always more to learn about the White Island. Being Maid of Honour gives you the chance to level-up from Simple Visitor to Island Insider. Guest transport to & from the wedding venue is a frequent problem you will be asked about. A LOT. You can be of help by keeping the reliable taxi & private car company numbers on your phone. What else? Whisk the bride away for a pre-wedding spa at some of the finest spots on the island – try Aguas de Ibiza; Atzaro or Hacienda Na Xamena. Find a local seamstress who can fix any last minute dress snafus. Know the best parties on the evening of the wedding, just in case the bride and her new husband want to head out for more action after the official day is over. Be creative and think of areas where you can be of help to the whole wedding, not just the bride. After all, the more questions & issues you can field, the more your girl can keep from overloading. Add this to your Maid of Honour duties list and don’t let the bride sweat the small stuff.


If your bride is using a wedding planner–or if the wedding is taking place at a venue with an in-house planner–get to know them. As well as helping you reach Island Insider status with their knowledge, you’ll know who to turn to if there are any issues on the day. More difficult requests may become a little easier to handle with a new friend on your side.


Hablas Espanol? Learning a few basic Spanish phrases will help endear you to other islanders. They will be more likely to go the extra mile for you when you ask for their help. You don’t need to be fluent, just a few phrases will do.


Ibiza Wedding Photographers have to work hard to capture those perfect moments. They sometimes work with an assistant to help them achieve photos which would otherwise take longer to get just right. Ask the photographer & bride if you can join them during the couples portrait session to provide makeup & hair touch-ups; dress primping; tie-straightening or anything else that will help make the photos look amazing. The photographer might even let you hold up a light reflector!


This may sound strange but if the wedding is being held at a restaurant or beach club, there may be staff-only rooms & bathrooms which the management may give you & the bride access to. This is great for extended bathroom breaks with no guest interruptions, or taking time to beautify that special dress after it’s been worn for a few hours…


Not all of these ideas are typical Maid of Honour duties, but ultimately it’s all about being thoughtful & caring of what the bride needs, directly and indirectly. What other things can you do to make her day just that little easier? Leave your ideas in the comments below.


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