Which photography style is best for your Ibiza wedding?

If you’re getting hitched in Ibiza, choosing your wedding photographer is a style decision in it’s own right, just like picking your color scheme or selecting your venue. Every photographer’s style is different, so you need to figure out which of those styles represents the perfect fit for you and your day. Once you know your style, choosing your photographer will be a doddle.
I’ve created a useful guide to wedding photography styles, just for you! I’ll walk you through the four main approaches to wedding photography, so you can easily decide which suits you.

Also known as Classic wedding photography, you can expect a modern take on the posed photos in your grandparents’ wedding album. Traditional wedding photographers typically focus on capturing the elements of the day that are important to you, including family photos, décor, and other specific images often discussed beforehand with your photographer. The objective of this type of photography is to create images that are straightforward, beautiful and a touch formal. Think of the photographs from Royal weddings, or something you might see in Hello! magazine. These photos reflect the reality of the wedding day, but are more staged & posed. The focus here is on bright, happy smiles looking directly into the camera.
Typically, traditional wedding photography has quite a bit of involvement from the photographer on the wedding day. This can include co-ordination and direction which tends to shape the wedding day itself. This style is a great choice for traditional couples who like to know what they are getting and are less concerned with creativity or storytelling.

Also known as Documentary; Reportage; Candid or Natural photography, this style captures spontaneous photos of the wedding day and it’s people, location & action—in the moment as the day unfolds. The wedding photojournalist is concerned with telling the story of the day, using a creative eye to capture and tell this story through their photography. They often do so unobtrusively, without inserting themselves into the occasion or guiding the day too much (if at all.) A wedding photojournalist will document the wedding day as a whole–not just the planned moments–so the final photographs depict the day truthfully and exactly as it happened. All of the beauty and the beautifully messy parts too!
If you don’t like posing or staging and you prefer your day retold as a photographic story, then hiring a photojournalist might be the perfect option for you. The resulting photos also tend to age better as they are creatively composed, but not styled or directed.

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This style of wedding photography is akin to the fashion editorials and adverts you might see in magazines like Vogue, Harpers & Elle. It make creative use of the wedding location with a particular focus on the style of the couple (and perhaps their guests.) You won’t find many candid moments here – it is mostly posed and closely directed to achieve the specific look the photographer wants. Off camera lighting & dramatic backgrounds may also be used.
Editorial wedding photography will typically hold the most interaction from the photographer on the day. It is the most exacting style of those I have covered in this guide. If you like the vision of a specific editorial photographer and you are happy to spend lots of time posing for your photos, editorial wedding photography could be the right style for you.

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Fine Art
Fine art wedding photography is probably the most difficult of the the styles to define. It has firm roots in documentary & fashion editorial photography, but moves past both of these styles and into artistic territory. Fine art wedding photographers seek to create art while capturing the story of your day. Every photo has the potential to be a piece in an art gallery. Fine art wedding photography involves using the natural beauty of the couple, their venue and it’s surroundings. The style is often associated with natural light, a pastel colour palette and a dreamy softness in the final photographs. It may also incorporate creative lighting and unique compositions to create imagery with a much stronger artistic intent. To this end, photographers may take longer to achieve their vision on the day.
If you are looking for breathtaking, unique images to hang on your wall and you don’t mind taking more time away from your guests on the day to create these images, fine art photography may be for you.

My photography style
Creative. Emotive. Different. I take a primarily photojournalistic approach but I love to direct & bring out the best in couples & their guests when taking portraits. I focus on love, emotion & happy connection. My photos are natural, relaxed and exquisite, set within Ibiza’s beautiful landscape & gorgeous light. My style appeals to couples who value candid, authentic moments & creative storytelling of their day, as it unfolds.

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