That Alternative Red & Black Wedding Dress at Islington Town Hall

I’ve been going back through some of my older photographs and I thought I’d post this image from one of my very first weddings. I shot this in the foyer of Islington Town Hall, seconds before Alex, the bride, walked up the stairs to meet her man and get hitched. To this day I still get asked questions about Alex’s dress because it was such a bold choice for her wedding. Brides-to-be just love it, and they mention how comfortable and calm Alex looks in that dress. Back when the now top wedding blog Rock n Roll Bride was in it’s infancy, blogger Kat used to trawl the web looking for unusual weddings; she found this one in my portfolio and asked if she could feature it. Of course! I said. That was the first time my photos were published on a wedding blog. Click here to see the original feature.

Alex’s style and attitude is still holding up today in this photo. The alternative choice always ages well. It’s timeless.

Bride Red Black Wedding Dress Islington Town Hall Wedding