Use This One Easy Tip To Instantly Look Amazing In Your Wedding Photographs

??????????????????????????????????????????????This one simple tip will instantly make you look fab in your wedding photos, or any photo for that matter.

When it comes to being snapped at a wedding, or any event where formal photos are taken, there is one single thing that makes or breaks how a person looks in the image: What They Do With Their Hands.

Whether you are Bride, Groom or Guest, if you want to look better in your Wedding Photographs, Be Certain What You Do With Your Hands. Place them in your pockets; put them gently on your lap; lean your forearm on the chair in front of you; hold your bouquet with both hands; slip your arm around your partner’s waist. There are no set rules, but placing your hands in a relaxed and assured pose will make you feel confident, convey positive body language and result in a better final photograph. It really is that simple.