Easy DIY Calligraphy for your Wedding Invitations in just 5 minutes

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When I need a break from processing photographs I’ll often pick a room in the house, set my countdown timer for 15 minutes and see how much cleaning I can get done before the beep. Yesterday, I thought I’d do something less productive and more creative with the time, so what did I do? I faked some calligraphy. That’s right!

As you can imagine I get to see plenty of Wedding Invitations in all shapes and sizes. I don’t know why, but the calligraphy invites get me every time, particularly the modern styles. I find them wonderfully personal and I wondered how easy it would be to create a signature calligraphic style.

I’m a big fan of Joelle Charming, a popular Wedding Planner and a thoughtful Creative. She has a great post on her blog showing how easy DIY Calligraphy is to get started, so I put my hand to the test and tried it out.

Basically, if you want to fake calligraphy, Joelle says the main thing to remember is to make your vertical strokes thicker. That’s it. You don’t need great handwriting, you don’t need calligraphy pens and you don’t need to be particularly creative. All you need is a little time to have some fun and try it out.

See my scribbles in the photo. Not brilliant, but not bad for 5 minutes. The bold styles are the same as the normal, but I simply made the verticals thicker by going over them a few times. I have quite straight handwriting, and curved styles of writing seem to work better, but with a little practice I could create something beautiful, right?

Joelle’s post explains the how-to in more detail and her examples are particularly inspiring. Check it out here: How to Fake Calligraphy | Something Charming.

If you have a quick few minutes, have a go, it’s great fun. Let me know in the comments how you get on. I’d love to see your results.


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